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Fugalite bio

Water-based hypo-allergenic resin for waterproof, stain-proof, silk-effect grouting of porcelain tiles, natural stones and glass mosaic.


Decorative product for fluid tiles,mosaic,marble in 50 colors

Fugalite bio parquet

Water-based resin for wood-effect grouting of wood-effect tiles

Fuga shock eco

Eco-friendly detergent for removing of streaks and deposits of epoxy resins on porcelain, ceramic tiles and glass mosaic.

Fuga wash eco

Eco-friendly detergent to be used as an additive in water cleaning all surfaces without damage


Fuga soap eko

Eko detergent for use in cleaning after laying as it can be used in the routine maintenance of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles and natural stone.

Delta plus eco

Water-based acid detergent to clean cement or lime residues, salt or calcareous deposits.

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