“Italex Inzenering” is a company founded in 1991 by Mr. Ljubomir Chadiev.

Mr. Chadiev founded a company that became a notion of top quality, creativity and service within the Italian ceramics, sanitary ware and bath equipment on the Macedonian market.

Our mission is always to inspire others to find something unique in their interior and exterior decoration, to help their ideas become reality and receive a service that is filled with trust and confidence.

Our vision is to strive to offer all our customers high quality solutions for interior and exterior design, using the latest trends and working to make each client come up with the best solution for their idea.

“Italeks Engineering” is a company that is customer oriented and offers the service of top management of each client and project based on:

  • Expert team of architects;
  • Designing design solutions for each project in 2D and 3D;
  • Excellent logistics;
  • Complete management of every project with supervision and performance, according to individual needs.
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