There are four basic and aesthetic criteria that need to be considered when selecting tiles for a certain space:

  • Size and shape of the tiles;
  • Tile color;
  • Surface treatment of tiles; and
  • Decoration of tiles.

1.Size and shape of the tiles – the size of the tiles is a key factor for determining the appearance of the space. If the tiles are of a smaller dimension then the joint emphasizes the size of the tiles and vice versa, if a larger dimension of the tiles is chosen, they emphasize the space so that the design of the tiles can come to a greater expression.

It is also important and the color of the fugue to be chosen which can also be emphasized with a contrasting color from the plate or to select a joint that will sweep over the entire space.

The tiles can be available in different sizes – from small mosaic to tiles with large dimensions of 150×300 cm, up to 160x320cm depending on the manufacturer.

Square or rectangular forms of tiles are the most common choice when buying for different premises and purposes, and they also be in the form of hexagons, triangles, mosaic…



2.Color of tiles – the use of modern production technology, together with the latest hi-tech digital printing systems, enables us to produce tiles in virtually unlimited range of shades. Textures inspired by materials from nature such as stone, marble, metal, wood and artificial materials such as concrete, resin and fabric can also be obtained.

3.Tile surface treatment – an additional effect can be achieved thanks to the different surface treatment of the tiles. There are glossy, matte, structured, metallized, relief and three-dimensional effects on tiles. When selecting the processing, it is important to consider the purpose of the room. So for example in the bathroom on the floor you need to choose a tile mat with no structure for easy cleaning or for in the yard, pool or terrace tile should be matte structured.



4.Decoration of the tiles – thanks to the advances in digital tile technology, any design and photography can be presented, in this way we get the opportunity for a large selection of decoration and decorations on the tiles.




So for an interior, house, office space to be successfully realized, all the criteria that we have listed should be met, but the tiles themselves are not complete if they are not flooded in the ultimate arrangement along with the furniture, the lighting and all the aesthetic details that are reflection of the end user.




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